Spare Parts Harvesting

Add-Value by harvesting spare parts

  • We offer our knowledge to extract spare parts from specific products as per manufacturer's request for added value
  • We support manufacturers and retailers by offering a profitable route for recovering revenue from otherwise un-repairable stock before being disposed of or recycled

We offer a profitable way for recovering revenue from un-repairable returned and surplus stock before being disposed of and recycled.

We provide full control and transparency on parts extraction and warehousing.

Spare parts harvesting can be used by manufacturers and retailers to reduce manufacturing and replacement costs, to improve after-sales service flow and consumer satisfaction or to generate new revenue streams by re-selling them.

We proudly provide spare parts harvesting for some of the leading Manufacturers and Retailers in the industry. Contact us to find out more how we can help your business.

Cycleon-Recare – Value Proposition!

We provide high quality refurbishment services for small domestic appliances, electronics, electrical products and large goods. We operate ISO accredited refurbishment factories in key locations across Europe.

In all of our operations at Cycleon-Recare, we agree and follow our Partner’s requirements and manufacturer’s technical specifications and standards regarding electrical safety and optimal product performance.

Our only interest is our customer’s satisfaction and the development of sustainable long-term business relationships.

Cycleon-Recare is part of the Reverse Logistics Group (RLG). Facilitating closed material loops by providing next-generation returns and recycling management solutions, RLG helps its customers conserve or return value and valuable resources - across country borders and throughout the whole product life cycle.

RLG is headquartered in Munich, Germany and runs affiliate companies and offices in more than 20 locations in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

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